Jamaal Williams

JamaalWilliamsJamaal Williams is a former high school principal and current student in the Doctor of Education Leadership program at HGSE. Jamaal began his career as a high school education specialist before transitioning into his role as the district AVID coordinator and AVID college preparatory teacher at his local high school. Jamaal transitioned to administration as the dean of discipline at a turnaround school managed by a CMO. Jamaal went on to serve as an assistant principal and then the Principal at the same turnaround high school. In the five years Jamaal worked there he led teams that tackled adaptive problems such as chronic absenteeism, suspensions, and negative school culture. In his time at the school suspensions were reduced by over 90 percent from over 1500 the year before he arrived to less than 90 in his final year. The school also saw a dramatic improvement in school culture with record attendance rates and a renewed interest in extracurricular activities such as athletics, band, and the after-school program. Jamaal comes to Harvard looking to improve his leadership ability so that he can return to the sector and strive to change the world.