Keri Randolph

KeriGrowing up as a public school student in the rural South, Keri saw glaring inequities, but also the potential power of public schools to create pathways to upward economic mobility. She has worked in K-12 public schools and teacher education and held leadership roles in an education nonprofit and school district. Believing a diverse, supported and dynamic teacher corps is vital to student success, Keri has focused much of her career on elevating teacher voice, increasing opportunities for teachers to lead from the classroom, and supporting instructional innovations created and led by teachers. Most recently, Keri served as the Assistant Superintendent of Innovation for a large school district in Tennessee where she led initiatives centered on reimagining teaching and learning by harnessing both technology and impactful business and community partnerships. She is passionate about community development and helped design and led a collective impact movement, Chattanooga 2.0, acting on her belief that public education in partnership with the community is at the core of a strong and vibrant ecosystem with opportunity for all. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Education Leadership at Harvard University.