Nikī' Newman-Brown


Dr. Newman-Brown has spent 17 years in public education. She began her work in education as a classroom teacher in Prince George’s County Public Schools. She has remained in the school district moving through various positions such as an Elementary Education Teacher, Assistant Principal, Resident Principal, and Principal. In 2010, Dr. Newman-Brown began her five-year tenure as the Principal of Mary Harris “Mother” Jones Elementary in Adelphi, MD. In July 2016, Dr. Newman-Brown began her work as an Improvement Specialist under the Office of Continuous Systemic Improvement in Prince George’s County Public Schools. Currently, she serves in the role of Instructional Director. Dr. Newman-Brown’s accomplishments include receiving a B.A. in Economics from the University of Maryland, College Park, and teaching certifications in the areas of Elementary Education, Middle School Education, and Early Childhood Education through Trinity University. After three years of teaching, she received an M.S. in Education Administration from Trinity University, Washington, DC. Dr. Newman-Brown completed her Doctorate of Education for Teaching and Learning and Education Administration at Walden University in April 2016. Her experience as the principal of a large English Language Learner population inspired her research at Walden University “Increasing Black Student Literacy Proficiency Using English Language Learner Instructional Strategies.” As an instructional leader she works diligently to support schools and central offices with the work of improvement. In addition, she coaches instructional leaders in her cluster of schools.