Looking at Data Through an Equity Lens

journal Educator teams need to take a more inquiry-based approach to data analysis to address inequitable norms and patterns. Systemic inequity affects the expectations for what students can achieve, the way in which they are treated in classrooms, and how they see themselves in the curriculum.



Action Research about Data Wise in an International School in China

journalThis study describes the experiences of teachers during a data-driven inquiry process to improve literacy-related practices. This action research was initiated at an international English immersion school for native Chinese speakers.



Building Capacity for Improvement: Data Wise in the McGuffey School District

Data Wise McGuffey School DistrictSuperintendent Erica Kolat, who has incorporated The Data Wise Improvement Process in her rural school district, speaks about how the McGuffey School District is building skill and will to leverage data in service of student learning.



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The Power of Team Norms

NormsKathryn Parker Boudett and Meghan Lockwood on how setting and sticking to norms can transform team dynamics.




The Data Wise Difference: Harnessing Data to Improve Student Outcomes

Branchville Elementary SchoolUsing student data to solve instructional challenges is an increasingly critical skill in today’s complex learning environments.




Making Meetings Work: Avoiding Common Pitfalls That Can Sink a Meeting

Making Meetings WorkTeachers, school leaders, and district officials are famously short on time, but they’re also often desperate for collaboration. Learn more at Useable Knowledge.



Collaborative Inquiry at the System Level

hepgAs our community grows, it becomes increasingly important to document the good work that is happening in the field so that everyone can learn from it. Certified Data Wise Coach Max Yurkofsky and HGSE Professor Monica Higgins just published a case study that explores how a Maryland district embraced collaborative data inquiry at all levels of their district.



Using Data Wisely at the System Level


The “Universal Swoosh” is described in more detail in this recent article by Certified Data Wise Coaches Meg Lockwood and Mary Dillman and Data Wise Project Director Kathy Boudett. It follows the throughline of the improvement journey of Mary’s team of data inquiry facilitators in Boston Public Schools. The team, which is responsible for building the capacity of schools to engage in collaborative data inquiry, has a regular practice of engaging in their own improvement cycles, and the article traces the progress they made in working toward supporting schools in deeply integrating new instructional strategies in their classrooms.


Teaching Students How to Use Collaborative Time Effectively

Structured collaborationGuidance on effective meeting structure and feedback on meeting documentation to help increase student productivity. Also featured in Useable Knowledge.



Using Data-Driven Decision-Making for System-Wide Improvement

David ReaseDavid Rease, Jr., Ed.L.D.’13, supports principals in inquiry and discourse techniques to guide their understanding of how to support teacher development. He leads his team in reflecting on their improvement journey together using Data Wise goals they set for themselves.



The Data Wise Portfolio

Educators have an ever-increasing stream of data at their fingertips. But how to use this data to improve teaching and learning — how to make it less overwhelming, more useful, and part of an effective collaborative process — can be challenging. The Data Wise Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education works with educators around the world to develop resources that support collaborative improvement of teaching and learning.


Habits that Support Improvement

Educators talk about the habits of mind that make Data Wise work.




Beyond the Classroom

Fast Company found that some of the key strategies for making teacher meetings better are good for business meetings, too. Read the full story at Fast Company.