Shirley JA Green

ShirleyJAGreenA proud African American woman who became an educator after realizing my passion was about interacting with people.  As a graduate of the Rochester City School District, it was an honor to begin my teaching career in a district I had grown up in.  I faced difficult times growing up in RCSD- racism, bullying and being accepted.  I thought teaching was what I was destined to do - make a difference in the life of young people.  However, teaching was just the beginning!  I soon began to realize that I could impact more than just a classroom of 30 students, I could have a greater impact on the lives of an entire school building.  That is when my journey turned to leadership. My impact was greater than 30 students, it became several hundred students.  But the journey continues to where I am now making an impact on several thousand young people within RCSD. Over the past ten years, I have earned a Doctorate in Executive Leadership, became a Chief of Schools and gained knowledge at Harvard School of Education with Data Wise.  I am becoming more grounded in my WHY?  As having clarity of my why will guide my journey to the next level. This is not the end, the roads are still paved for new challenges and new opportunities. Waiting to see the next place this journey takes me!