André Morgan


Dr. André Morgan is committed to helping practitioners develop hands on solutions that inspire transformational change in the U.S. education sector. His research interests include: 1) equity challenges in education; 2) improving the design of education systems; 3) enhancing practices in and out of the classroom, 4) principal and teacher development and 5) education entrepreneurship.

Dr. Morgan brings more than 14 years experience in education – including roles as teacher, principal, training and development director, and collegiate professor and dean. In these multi- varied experiences, he has worked with administrators, practitioners and students in culturally, racially and economically diverse contexts. He has also directed key reform initiatives and areas in the education sector, including: Service Learning Communities, School Culture, Turnaround Partnerships, Career and Technical Education, and Online Education.

Dr. Morgan holds a Doctor of Education Leadership degree from Harvard University, a Doctor of Philosophy degree from American University, a Master of Teaching degree from the University of Virginia and a Bachelor of Arts degree, also from the University of Virginia.

An avid outdoorsman, Dr. Morgan appreciates and engages in adventure sports. He has jumped out of airplanes, swam with sharks, hiked trails during torrential downpours, and has climbed a couple of mountains.