School District Administrator

Steven Greene

StevenGreeneSteven Greene is the Assistant Director of Data Reporting at Pittsburgh Public Schools where he oversees the delivery of data reports and data dashboards to school-based staff, central administrators, external district partners, and the public. He has worked with K-12 public education data for more than 8 years in...

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Sharae Curd

SharaeCurdCurd currently serves as the Director, Teaching & Learning and School Improvement at Pittsburgh Public Schools. With over 17 years of experience in the field of education, Sharae has served as a classroom teacher, after-school program coordinator, instructional coach, facilitator, curriculum writer, and a Human Capital...

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Nina M. Sacco

NinaSaccoDr. Nina M. Sacco is an Assistant Superintendent with the Pittsburgh Board of Public Education.  In her twenty-three years with the Pittsburgh Board of Public Education she has taught high school English, worked as a literacy coach, assistant principal, high school principal, and as an elementary school principal. ...

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Dan Hurley

DanHurleyGrowing up in a family of Rochester City School District educators, the talk around the table was always focused on instruction and the latest professional development that had been offered. Without hesitation, I began my first teaching assignment in one of the classrooms that my father had taught in two decades before.... Read more about Dan Hurley

Shirley JA Green

ShirleyJAGreenA proud African American woman who became an educator after realizing my passion was about interacting with people.  As a graduate of the Rochester City School District, it was an honor to begin my teaching career in a district I had grown up in.... Read more about Shirley JA Green

Michele White

MicheleWhiteMichele White began her career in education with the Rochester City School District in September 2001. After 11 years at the building level, Michele transitioned to the District’s Central Office to support the implementation of Race to the Top in the Rochester City Schools.... Read more about Michele White

Kevin Bivins

KevinBivinsKevin is an assistant superintendent with Pittsburgh Public Schools in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He currently works with 21 schools K-8 elementary schools.... Read more about Kevin Bivins

Jennifer Reinhart

JenReinhartDr. Jennifer Reinhart joined the Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 Statewide Team for PDE in 2017. As a member of this team currently serves as a School Improvement Facilitator, guiding designated schools through the cycle of improvement.... Read more about Jennifer Reinhart

Anu Anand

AnuAnandAnu Anand serves as a Regional Lead : K-12 LEA/School Continuous Improvement with the statewide system for school improvement in PA. She partners with districts designated for comprehensive support and improvement by building capacity and sustainability through the continuous improvement process.... Read more about Anu Anand

Liz Shotwell

LizShotwellDr. Liz Shotwell serves as a Regional Lead: K-12 LEA/School Continuous Improvement with the statewide system for school improvement.  In this role, she supports schools and districts with designated for comprehensive support and improvement.... Read more about Liz Shotwell

Michael Imburgia

MichaelImburgiaMichael is currently the Director of School Improvement Performance Management at Berks County Intermediate Unit working primarily with schools designated as Comprehensive Support and Improvement. In his role he works with various stakeholders to build data and reporting systems to measure the progress and impact of school improvement efforts across 94 schools in Pennsylvania.... Read more about Michael Imburgia

Carlos Monteiro

carlosmonteiroPrior to joining the Data Inquiry Facilitator team in Boston Public Schools (BPS), Carlos taught Math and Science for ten years to high school students who were English Language Learners at the Jeremiah E Burke High school in Boston.... Read more about Carlos Monteiro

J. Kimo Carter

jkimocarterKimo Carter is the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning for the Weston (MA) Public Schools. For over thirty years, Kimo has worked as a teacher, principal, and central office administrator.... Read more about J. Kimo Carter

Caitlin Bexley

CaitlinBexleyCaitlin Bexley is currently working as an instructional coach for Hartford Public Schools, promoting adult and student learning around literacy. She began her work in education in the classroom as English teacher who loved working with her middle school students in the North end of Hartford.... Read more about Caitlin Bexley

Justin Taylor

JustinTaylorJustin Taylor began his career in education at Bulkeley High School in Hartford, CT in 2009. After nine years of teaching at Bulkeley, he transitioned to a position in Hartford’s central office, where he led efforts to build teacher and administrator capacity for student-centered learning through professional development and job-embedded instructional coaching.... Read more about Justin Taylor