Angela Crane

Angela CraneI attended the Data Wise Institute as a participant with the Windermere Primary School (WPS) leadership team from Hobart, Tasmania in January 2019. Our key objective was to develop a deeper understanding of the Data Wise Improvement Process so that I could lead this important work with the school Principal, Duncan Groves who’d studied the Data Wise Improvement Process in 2015.... Read more about Angela Crane

Marina Milich

Marina MilichMarina is the principal of a small rural school in the Western District of Victoria - Koroit and District Primary School. Marina is passionate about school improvement and her focus is on building her capacity in coaching skills to embed the Data Wise process at KDPS and other schools teams embarking on the Data Wise...

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Rebecca Harris

Rebecca HarrisBec is a Learning Specialist at Dandenong Primary School, located in the most culturally diverse community in Australia, Greater City of Dandenong. She is very excited to be beginning the 2020 school year with a Foundation (Kindergarten) class of students from many cultural and language backgrounds.... Read more about Rebecca Harris

Duncan Groves

Duncan GrovesDuncan is currently Principal of Ogilvie High School (OHS) in Hobart, Tasmania. He started his Data Wise Journey in 2016 after winning a Hardie Fellowship which enabled him to study at Harvard to complete the Data Wise Leadership Institute.... Read more about Duncan Groves

Mark Walker

Mark WalkerMark Walker is currently the Director of Learning Inquiries Pty Ltd a company dedicated to supporting school leaders, school teams and systems to use data wisely in their work to improve the education and life opportunities of all young people. He is also a casual academic at Deakin University in Victoria.... Read more about Mark Walker

Kelly Dyer

Kelly DyerI have a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and a Master of Education in Inclusive Practice. For the past 24 years I have worked as an educator internationally and across Tasmania. My experiences have been vast and diverse. I first held senior position in 2009 and became Principal in 2013. Currently, I am Principal of Kingston Primary School. In 2020, I will commence my third year.... Read more about Kelly Dyer

Erin Downing

Erin DowningErin is currently Leading Teacher of Instruction at a Melbourne Primary School. She completed the Data Wise Summer Institute at Harvard in 2015. Since completing the institute, Erin’s focus has been to develop teachers’ capacity to use data to inform their instruction, as well as developing Peer Observation and...

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Penny Jayne

Penny Jayne is a passionate educator from Victoria, Australia. Her experience in state education spans seventeen years and includes time as an elementary teacher, a district instructional practice coach and a school vice principal. Penny’s knowledge of assessment tools and practices is well-known across Victorian state schools, and she is regularly invited by the state Education Department (DET) to address state-wide coaching conferences in the area of Mathematics assessments.... Read more about Penny Jayne