School Principal

Michael Calvert

MichaelCalvertMichael Calvert is the principal at Pittsburgh Morrow PreK-8, part of Pittsburgh Public Schools (PA).  Michael has worked as a teacher, coach, and school administrator in North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania over a twenty-three year career.... Read more about Michael Calvert

Robin Finn

robinfinnRobin Finn has spent nearly 30 years working in Lawrence, MA beginning in a Community Program in the summers and then after college graduation working for Lawrence Public Schools; as a teacher, an assistant principal and for the last 9 years as the Principal of Arlington Middle School.... Read more about Robin Finn

Angela Crane

Angela CraneI attended the Data Wise Institute as a participant with the Windermere Primary School (WPS) leadership team from Hobart, Tasmania in January 2019. Our key objective was to develop a deeper understanding of the Data Wise Improvement Process so that I could lead this important work with the school Principal, Duncan Groves who’d studied the Data Wise Improvement Process in 2015.... Read more about Angela Crane

Marina Milich

Marina MilichMarina is the principal of a small rural school in the Western District of Victoria - Koroit and District Primary School. Marina is passionate about school improvement and her focus is on building her capacity in coaching skills to embed the Data Wise process at KDPS and other schools teams embarking on the Data Wise...

Read more about Marina Milich

Duncan Groves

Duncan GrovesDuncan is currently Principal of Ogilvie High School (OHS) in Hobart, Tasmania. He started his Data Wise Journey in 2016 after winning a Hardie Fellowship which enabled him to study at Harvard to complete the Data Wise Leadership Institute.... Read more about Duncan Groves

Katherine Leonard

KatherineLeonardKatherine Leonard is the principal of Breakthrough Magnet School, North, in Hartford, Ct. She has worked in Hartford Public Schools for 15 years. Katie has worked diligently with her instructional team over the past five years to ensure that the Data Wise continuous improvement process permeates the Breakthrough North community.... Read more about Katherine Leonard

Gus Jacobson

GusJacobsonGus Jacobson is a principal of Noah Webster MicroSociety Magnet School, a preK3 - grade 8 school in Hartford, CT. He helped lead his school for the past two years as they embarked on the Data Wise Process.... Read more about Gus Jacobson

Berenice Rodriguez

BereniceWith experience as a principal, as well as her assignment as an Arizona Turnaround Coach with the Arizona Department of Education and her overall more than 20 years in education, Mrs. Rodriguez has had numerous opportunities to develop the caliber of leadership skills that will contribute strongly to her success in meeting the objectives of leadership positions.... Read more about Berenice Rodriguez

Kelly Dyer

Kelly DyerI have a Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and a Master of Education in Inclusive Practice. For the past 24 years I have worked as an educator internationally and across Tasmania. My experiences have been vast and diverse. I first held senior position in 2009 and became Principal in 2013. Currently, I am Principal of Kingston Primary School. In 2020, I will commence my third year.... Read more about Kelly Dyer

Barbara T. Bottoms


Barbara Bottoms is an elementary school principal with a passion for educating children.  That passion has propelled her through a career with Prince George’s County Public School System for the past 29 years.... Read more about Barbara T. Bottoms

Marisa Sorbaro

MarisaSorbaroMarisa Sorbaro started in the New York City School System 20 years ago as an elementary school teacher. Currently she is an Assistant Principal at P.S. 85 in the Bronx serving over 1,000 students grades Pre-K-5. Marisa is passionate about working with teachers to collaboratively develop curriculum that meets the needs of diverse learners with an emphasis on integrating 21st Century skills.... Read more about Marisa Sorbaro

Afie Mirshah-Nayar

AfieMirshah-NayarDr. Afie Mirshah-Nayar has worked in the field of education for nearly 20 years. During her professional career her focus has been on the education of high school students. Her professional experiences include both school based and central office based positions.... Read more about Afie Mirshah-Nayar

Cherina Booker

CherinaBookerCherina Booker is currently an Assistant Principal of Instructional Support Services at Flushing High School in Queens, NY. Cherina has a commitment to equity and access for all learners and believes that when equipped with the correct tools and support all students can achieve high levels of success.... Read more about Cherina Booker

Tricia Delauney

Tricia DelauneyTricia Dominique Delauney has been the Principal of Elijah Stroud Middle School 353 in Brooklyn, NY since October 2012. Over the span of eighteen years, Ms. Delauney has also  served as a Teacher and Assistant Principal  to the students and families of District 17, Brooklyn, NY.   Ms. Delauney is a passionate champion for all learners. She is committed to ensuring that relationships fostered in her school community are nurturing, caring, compassionate and meaningful.... Read more about Tricia Delauney