Carmen Williams

carmenwilliamsCarmen Williams is an educational leader and has served her community in the roles of teacher, principal and college professor. Carmen graduated from Indiana University with a BA in Elementary Education and an MA in Educational Leadership. She is guided by her values of equity, empathy, and excellence when supporting educators in providing quality learning environments.As a leader in her district, she founded the district-wide Restorative Justice in Education and partnered with the community to provide training for teachers, parents, and community agencies serving families. This investment resulted in a 25% decrease in exclusionary discipline at her school in one academic year. Carmen is also a Data Wise Coach Candidate and facilitated her school’s data analysis process, improving their C rating to an A rating. As a college professor, she taught and supervised undergraduate, pre-service teachers and prepared them to address the needs of the whole child. One of Carmen’s greatest strengths is her ability to build and sustain collaborative teams capable of achieving shared goals for equitable student outcomes. Carmen is currently a Harvard Graduate School of Education doctoral candidate with a focus on leading for equity and excellence.