School Adminstrator

Maria Domingues

Maria DominguesMaria is from Portugal and began her career in education and research focusing on ecology and animal behavior. Her passion for education, data collection methods and data analysis led her to accept the role of the Assessment Coordinator at an American school in Southeast China, Nansha College Preparatory Academy (NCPA).... Read more about Maria Domingues

Erin Downing

Erin DowningErin is currently Leading Teacher of Instruction at a Melbourne Primary School. She completed the Data Wise Summer Institute at Harvard in 2015. Since completing the institute, Erin’s focus has been to develop teachers’ capacity to use data to inform their instruction, as well as developing Peer Observation and...

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Andi Morency

AndiAndi Morency, founder and now Executive Director of the Honors Academy of Literature, located in downtown Reno, has been passionate about education and the community throughout her career.... Read more about Andi Morency

Rafael F. Korman

RafaelRafael is a visiting scholar at Harvard Graduate School of Education and doctoral candidate at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Rafael has always been passionate about education and fascinated about understanding why and how people learn.... Read more about Rafael F. Korman

Donna Lyons Drakeford

Donna Lyons DrakefordDonna Lyons Drakeford currently serves as a Systemic Improvement Specialist in Prince George’s County Public Schools in Maryland. Facilitating the implementation of the Data Wise Improvement Process for school leaders and leadership teams and division/department leaders and leadership teams.... Read more about Donna Lyons Drakeford

Penny Jayne

Penny Jayne is a passionate educator from Victoria, Australia. Her experience in state education spans seventeen years and includes time as an elementary teacher, a district instructional practice coach and a school vice principal. Penny’s knowledge of assessment tools and practices is well-known across Victorian state schools, and she is regularly invited by the state Education Department (DET) to address state-wide coaching conferences in the area of Mathematics assessments.... Read more about Penny Jayne

Karen Archambault

Karen Archambault is the Assistant Principal at Westport Junior/Senior High School in Westport, MA. In addition to her Assistant Principal responsibilities, Karen is beginning work with faculty and students on learning and implementing the Data Wise Improvement Process and Meeting Wise practices to help both students and educators improve instructional experiences.... Read more about Karen Archambault